Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New release: Man-at-Arms

Man-At-Arms, a short story collection:


Ambos Thorne, a renowned warrior who fought many battles, saw atrocities committed in a war waged in the name of the king and glory, and stared death in the face many times, gets the menial task of escorting Lady Christine.

Faced with superstitious beliefs and orders that make little sense to him, he comes to a cross roads in his life. Follow through with his orders based on superstition or save the life of an innocent woman.

What will he choose and will he regret it?


Tired and desperate, James, a farmhand, is chasing a heavily armed group transporting a woman.

Night is closing in fast and the trail is getting cold.

Will he catch up with them? And if he does, will he be in time to exact the revenge that threatens to burn him alive?


In a time that traveling is dangerous, especially for a woman alone, two knights escort a young woman through a forest known for its wild beasts.

Man fears nature, the beasts that roam the world, but sometimes it's not these that fills us with fear. Sometimes, it’s that from beyond the things we know that brings terror to us.

Robert, a young knight, will soon find this out.

On smashwords for free for a limited time. 

Retail Price: $2.99

Promotional price: $0.00
Coupon Code: PF63K
Expires: August 6, 2012

Also available at Amazon and Kobo

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