Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Zombie Scare

Zombie Scare, a zombie short story I wrote a while ago. It was fun to write and more fun yet to see how my writing, polished by my copy editor, reads tight and packing.

It's available today August 29th at for $0.99, however if you one of my loyal readers you will be reading this post in time to get it for free on August 30th and 31th.


Jacobs and Smith, two police officers from Maine, set a pointless roadblock to catch potential drunk drivers coming from a festival held in town.

The night is dark and long, and boredom sets in. Looking forward to return home, they spend their time chit chatting about recent events.

Though the night doesn't stay uneventful—things turns out darker for them, ending in a climax neither was expecting

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