Friday, August 10, 2012

Book Covers

Having made many book covers I can now say that I'm getting there where I feel I'm getting proficient at it. With this knowledge I've decided to make a new cover for an e-book I released a long time ago. The current one wasn't doing it for me, nor was it generating much sales. I can't only fault the cover for this because the blurb is also atrocious. I'll have to renew that one too.

I think a good book cover can attract readers to your book and in doing so generate more sales. If after seeing the terrific cover the reader still did not buy your book, then it's left to the blurb to tempt them into pressing the buy button. If after your wonderful cover and blurb the reader still hesitates then it's the sample that will sway them to buy.

Reading the story is often the last step a reader makes before buying a book. That is why it's important to have a stunning cover, so you get the chance that a reader will contemplate your story.

And now back to my cover; this is the current one:
And this is the new one:

As you can see I increased the size of my name. The idea is to brand my name and make it recognizable, the more people see it the more likely it will stick in their head, and if someone happen to like my writing they'll much easier find my other work .I also changed to a more apt font for the genre. And I used a picture that depicts the story a little better.

Now I'm curious if the changes indeed will get me more sales, time will tell.

*Did some more additional tiny adjustments.

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