Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ebook cover for my upcomming short story

I want to show of my just created ebook cover for the short story I'm writing. Took me a few hours to make. It was fun doing, playing around with GIMP.

I've meed some alternative versions with blurbs added. The second version is the one with the long blurb above the title and short blurb below my author name.

The third version is with the short blurb above the title and the long blurb under my author name.

The forth version is the one with both blurbs above the title and the author name a bit lower positioned.

I would love to have comments on which version you think the best. With or without blurbs, and if blurbs which one.


  1. The second one looks the best to me =)

  2. The first cover is simple and a bit mysterious. Being as nosy as I am, I would go for that one.
    Best of luck to you!