Sunday, March 6, 2011

Failed my 6 March deadline

What the title says. No beer for me. I worked all weekend long, the whole Sunday. My eyes are dry, my head aches, and I'm sleepy. I call quits and bury my 6th of March deadline and plant my new deadline 13th of March. Maybe I'll have more luck.

With the added time I'll make sure I'll have the least mistakes possible in my story. I could rush my work now and make my deadline, but I would deliver it with less quality than I intent to.

I've finished my description for my Novel, here it is:

John Lone had to deliver a package to a secluded cabin in the forest, later that day he had an important date planned with his girlfriend Linda.

A simple routine trip he had made many a time turned out bad. Supernatural creatures stalked within the forest for any innocent prey they could devour.

John will have to fight for his live to get out, to get back to society, back to his girl, and his only chance to a happily ever after, but this is no fairy tale.

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