Saturday, March 5, 2011

Final Cover

I finished my Cover.

I've only got one day left for me to finish my book and put it up to publish. I'll only need to do one more quick read over and if I find minimal (hopefully none) mistakes, I'll be good to go. Well not entirely, I'll need to put everything in the right format for Amazon or/and Smashwords to take them. This all to get to my self imposed deadline of the sixth of march. I boisterously said to my wife that I would not drink one drop of alcohol (I need beer) till I hit that publish button. I'm really stressing to get the deadline.

If all goes well tomorrow I'll be hitting the publish button and in a few days my e-book will be for sale. Then I'll take a week break from writing (or try to) so to freshly start revising book two, which I intend to have ready early may.

Hopefully you'll see this book soon on Amazon, Smashwords, or somewhere else for sale.

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  1. Hopi bon pabien laga nos keda positief cu bo buki bay bende brasas mama