Friday, April 1, 2011

A new cover for my novel Finitum

Like the title hints at, a new cover for my novel Finitum is being worked on. I do think my current cover is great, but it has come to my attention that the reverted pentagram can invoke into people the feeling that the book is about satanism. This would be great were it not for my book is not based on satanism, yes there are occult elements entwined into the story, but not much more than most (if not all) horror stories.

The inverted pentagram was to symbolize John's struggle to not succumb to the carnal desires plaguing him, the effort he needed to take/suffer to be able to steer himself away from the dark side. A pentagram's meaning is not one of evil and satanism, this misconception been attached to it by popular media. The pentagram is a protective symbol.

Still it is what the people precieve of something that will move them to act. If they conote a meaning to something, that meaning is their truth no matter what reality may really be. It's each individual reality take make things real for them, and as a writer and publisher I've to take that into account when making a cover.

I've a feeling that because of this my novel is not selling that well. Most people are not into satanism nor have they the inclination to read about it, and those that do and are attracted to the book by the cover, will lose interest when they read the sample. My book starts very mild with no hint of anything satanic nor does it later on no matter how horrendous it may turn out to be later in the story.

I'll remove the pentagram from the cover and try work something out to make a nicer and better suited cover for my book, one that will depicts the story better to my possible readers. When the cover is finished I will post it on my blog for all to view and give their opinions about. Also feel free to post a comment if you want to say something about this post. I'll be glad to answer any questions or take into account any suggestions.

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