Monday, April 11, 2011

Interviewed by Freelance and Fiction

I've been interviewed on the blog Freelance and Fiction

Here I post a small excerpt the rest you can read at Freelance and Fiction:

"Author POV: Alex Rosaria on Horror 04/08/2011

Today’s special guest is Alex Rosaria, author of the horror novel Finitum. Let’s see what he can share with us about the most frightening genre of all!

Could you tell us a little bit about your novel?

I started writing this story in 2008, I finished the first draft near the end of 2009 and went on writing the second book in the trilogy and part of the third book. I wanted to gain some experience and broaden my writing knowledge before I tackled the revising. The last few months of 2010 I started revising and finished in March this year. I've gone over the text so many times that I lost count.

The story is about John Lone, a young man, who went into a forest to deliver a package to a recluse. From his arrival at the cabin and from there on things started to turn from bad to worst and finally to atrocious.

John is a man of simple needs, living in a small town in the middle of nowhere. The few friends he has are good ones that he cherish and he has a girlfriend, Linda, the love of his life. The only thing he wants that day is go out with Linda on a date, he's really pent up to do just that, however things turn out different and his whole being and world crumbles down.

He has to endure the supernatural assault going on around him, never knowing exactly what's is that's happening. During these hardships he notice he's changing from within, to something he is barely able to control, making him much part of that what is happening to his town and its direct surroundings.

How do you build suspense?

I slowly pieced together what happens, building it up to one point in the story. John's is never clear about what is happening, he experiences it all as it comes to him and he tries to deal with that the best he can..."

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