Friday, April 1, 2011

My cover renewed.

Well I did some changes in text color and sizes. I removed the pentagram, added some fog effect and a few glowing eyes. Compared with the old one what do you think, which one is better? I think the old one is more colorful, the colors draw you in, the new one is more color homogeneous it draws less, but seems more mysterious, it got a more pressing feeling to it.

As always your comments are welcome.


  1. I like the 2nd one... but who am I???

  2. Alex when I see a pentagram and one on fire, I automatically think, Satanic, witchcraft demonology...If your book doesn't have those elements, you may be misleading the reader. Those who buy it because they see the symbol and are wanting that subject could be disappointed and in turn write you a negative review. I like your original cover but only if it has those elements in it. Your 2nd cover is equally appealing to me.
    My opinion only.

  3. Even though the pentagram is hypnotizing, I have to agree with Thomas. Both covers caught my attention, but because I'm not a fan of satanic stuff, I would choose the one without the pentagram.

  4. I like that classic, misty look of the second cover. The pentagram on the first one is very outspoken and has that in-your-face feel to it that really stands out. *Wonderfully done, I must say!* I like them both equally, but I think the second cover suits the story better. Good luck!

  5. Thanks for commenting, I agree with you. It surprised me that people thought pentagrams being satanic, knowing the real meaning behind them. It is important to take into considerations what people perceive of a symbol despite what the real meaning behind the symbol may be.

  6. Okay, I agree with the comments about the satanic impressions the pentagram give, in that unless your book contains magic, witchcraft and/or occult material, you probably shouldn't use it. Covers set the tone for the book. People will judge your book by the cover, so when packaging a book you need to use symbols and imagry that will resonate with the reader a certain way. If you DO have magic, ect, in an urban setting, than by all means do use it.

    THAT. SAID. I like the first cover better.

    It's more centered. It has more energy, and by god, it grabs your attention and doesn't really let go. It looks very pro. Number 2 has no energy to it. It's bland, and if I were to see it in a store, I probably wouldn't register it at all. The boldness and the bright colors do their job well and advertise your book. If the pentagram is not approprete for your story, consider using something else equally bold in the center instead. I'd brainstorm for some symbol you can drop in the middle there that will sum up the heart of your story and get your reader thinking along the right lines before they start reading pages.

  7. Christwriter thanks for your comment

    I'll have to think about adding something to the new cover, however I may use the first cover for the second book in the series. It will give the series a similar look, but still different.

    The first book cover is also much more suitable for the second book in the series, it has much more to do with witchcraft and does show in gory detail what is happening around the town.

    I made the cover while writing the second book in the series and that probably influenced me trough my subconscious to make the cover like it is now. Now thinking back I realize this.

    I think this is one of the strong points in self publishing, you can change things and change them quickly. In traditional publishing it would be hellish to change a cover mid print run.

    I might have to play with the new cover a bit more, maybe I can do something with the color to darken and lighten it in some places, drawing attention to it, make the eyes glow more and a little tad bigger.

    I might have to learn myself to illustrate, I could make creature silhouettes to stand in between the trees. I love to illustrate but lack experience and training to do it digitally and well. Might pick it up, because I may need the skill later on. I've seen beautifully made illustrated covers and I would one day like to have made one myself.