Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A slow weekend

Hereby a quick update of my progress last week.

Monday 2234 words
Tuesday 1203 words
Wednesday 849 words
Thursday 716 words
Friday 649 words
Saturday 0 words
Sunday 0 words

Total 5651 words

Monday started well enough, being a holiday day I had the day off and I happened to have more time for myself. The weekdays I was busy with preparations for my daughters birthday party, she became eight on Tuesday and on Friday we had her party. (Friday also being the day I attempted to skateboard.) Being busy, I wrote less.

The weekend I spend my time with my family and I did no writing. I should have and now I feel bad I didn't. It's best to write every day even if it's just one sentence, because if you don't the next day might be more difficult to start writing.

There are days, weeks, months sometimes years we may not write for X reasons, but if you want to be a writer is that a valid excuse? Is it okay to not write for a time knowing that it will make it more difficult to pick it up again? Is there really an excuse not to write, because even if your hands are chopped off you still can type with your nose.

I guess it all depends on the circumstances. I had times I did not write for weeks and started again with fresh new ideas and a better grasp with how to progress the story, then again other times I had difficulty starting up and pick up the flow.

Now I am trying to stay into the flow because too many pauses, like last weekend, will slow me down. The more I write the better I become and what is almost as important I get to finish my stories. I got many more stories I want to write and they are bubbling like the gas in a shaken soda bottle to burst out. It would be a shame not giving them the chance to be put on paper.

I feel speed is essential in writing, because the more stories you complete the more you can sell as to one day make a living writing novels. To do so you at least must produce enough to earn enough. Not all writers will write that one book that will sell millions, most will have to do with less sales per book.

By completing more than one book a year and selling them will net you more income. For example, if you produce only one book every one or two years you probably will not make enough to earn a living, but by producing three or more a year you will increase your chances of making more and be able to live off it.

Once more I could not help trail off a bit, next week I hope to produce more words and be closer to finishing the first draft. At the moment for my WIP I have written a total of 47998 words, about 32000 words to go. (Maybe less)

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