Thursday, June 10, 2010

Update WIP

Hereby a quick update of my progress last week. (This time really a short update.)

Monday 767 words
Tuesday 1029 words
Wednesday 566 words
Tuesday 27 words
Friday unknown amount of words, I lost the paper I wrote on.
Saturday 0 words
Sunday 1426 words

Total: 3815 words

I tried writing everyday even if just a few words, still I managed not to write on Saturday. I wrote most days albeit not much, still I'm disappointed.

It may seem I am hard on myself but I need to be. To write regularly I need to learn the discipline to do so. Learning this can only be by doing it. Every time I fail to write one day, it's something that will hold my progress back.

These little dips make it much easier to slack, by slacking I am producing less words a week each week. This week I'll try to regain some momentum, despite having also missed one day writing.

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