Sunday, June 20, 2010

Update Week 24

Week 24 I spend my time working, eating, writing, watching football (soccer) and sleeping. I am near to finish my draft and that excites me.

This week results:

Monday 1164 words
Tuesday 720 words
Wednesday 1704 words
Thursday 1888 words
Friday 1909 words
Saturday 2031 words
Sunday 978 words

Total:10394 words

It's been a great week for the work done on my WIP. I've to say I could have done more. Tuesday I had to work overtime at my job, hence I wrote less. Sunday I decided to take a bit more time off, because it was Fathers-day.

Father-day was great, my children made me breakfast on bed. They gave me presents they made at school, I think these are best presents one could get. Everybody can buy something out of a store, but something self-made you know the person put love, effort, creativity and time into it.

I had a very productive week, I'm not sure I will be able to repeat the effort this week.

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