Sunday, August 1, 2010

My neglect

I've neglected this blog for almost a month now. Not long after my last post before this one, I finished the first draft of my second manuscript and started on a third manuscript.

My time in June and July I spend watching the world cup 2010 in South Africa and working on my front yard. By the way the world cup final was the most horrendous match I ever saw and Spain won.

I chopped down and uprooted a dying tree that stood on my front yard. I do not like ending a life be it an animal, insect or plant, it felt like chipping off a the innocence from my soul with every chop I dealt to the tree. (I may be over dramatizing.)The tree was down within a hour the uprooting took more time.

To get the root out required a lot of digging and chopping and yet more digging and much more chopping, on and on till my shovel broke. Lucky for me I was almost finished, the last bit I did bare handed, it took me about two hours to get the root out the ground.

A few weeks after I planted some buxus at the border of my front yard. It's still a work in progress just the start of something that one day will be beautiful the same like the stories I try to put on paper.

Besides watching sport and trying my hand at gardening I've been writing, albeit less frequent. I am finishing a children story at the time, I've just got a few chapters left. I put a deadline for myself for august 17th and I'm well within my schedule.

I've taken two weeks off work, my free time I'll use to garden, spend time with my family and write.

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