Sunday, August 29, 2010

After a long day work

I've been revising the "Chick" story. (It's about a ravenous little chicken)

I corrected a many spelling and syntax error, I can now honestly say it reads much better. Story wise I added a little here and there making it a bit more fleshed out and the story now flows a bit better.

The story is now ready for my wife to proof read and detect the missed spelling and syntax errors. After she is finished I will go over the work once more, before I allow my daughter to read it.

In the meantime I had planned to continue writing a short story for a contest, but I noticed I am past the admission date. I may still finish the story later and try get it published. I really feel bad forgetting about the due date, it should not have happened.

Besides the short story I will continue with another story I started writing during my vacation time. I got the first chapter finished and it's begging me to finish the rest. If I keep my current writing speed and actually write every day, I will have a first draft finished by November 22nd. I work best if I put a deadline out for my self, off course this only works as long I remember the deadline.

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