Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Missing Words

I had a bout of over confidence, this happens to me from time to time, although my wife would say it happens every time. I was very confident that I would finish revising my "Chick" story by Monday so my wife could start proofreading. Turns out I just finished today.

While revising these last few days I found more errors I thought I could have since the last time I revised. Corrections I made were:

* I added a few words and sentences to make things more understandable.
* I merged some sentences together because alone they seemed too much alike.
* I deleted a few sentences because they made no sense.

It was much more work I had expected I needed to do.

There's one thing I noticed yet again in my writing. While writing sometimes my fingers can't keep up with my thoughts. My brain will register some words as already typed, resulting that I omit them. While revising I notice these words are nowhere to be seen.

I do believe I'm not the only person with this problem or I better say I hope I am not the only one. If there are more we could start a support group, so we end up doing our best for these words we neglect to type. We should give them their worth and add them to paper, they deserve to be immortalized just as the other words that make our story.

I do really hope that this time I have put all the words in that needs to be in my story. After my wife proofreads my manuscript I know that she will put a sea of red on the paper for me to correct. In this I hope there are no missing words, because I've done my best to detect them all. If it happens I have forgotten one, I hereby apologize to said word.

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