Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What does a pizza have to do with writing

Look at this beautifully tasty Pizza, doesn't it make your mouth drool with the expectation of one bite of it's deliciousness?

It made my own, my wive, my mother and my son mouth drool. Only my daughter did not like it, she hates onions.

Her sour face broke my hart, this delicious thing I made with my very own hands and poured all my hart into it, she just flat out rejected it.

Same for writing a novel, you come up with a nice story write it down with all your skill while pouring your soul into it. Once finished you proudly show your new novel around and many will like it, but there will always be some that wont.

Sometimes those who say they like it will just say so because they love you, that is why sometimes it is good when someone says truthfully they did not like it and most importantly explain why they did not. This could be the feedback needed to improve your own work.

This was not the case with my Pizza, my Pizza was extremely delicious. It's just my daughter hates onions and she is very vocal about it. She told me; "Daddy next time do not put onions in your Pizza." I answered very kindly (Okay not very kindly); "No Pizza for you!"

As with writing one should be careful to judge the criticism. Some can be good, but you need to discern those that are more about taste than really something that you should work on. Take for example if you write horror and someone criticize your work cause there is no romance in it. Don't put romance in the story just because of some ones opinion if it does not add nothing to the story. Well maybe put some romance in but make it end gruesome, it's an horror after all.

About my Pizza picture. If you zoom in you are able to read a bit of my second novel, it is still a work in progress. I hope to finish it this year, along with my first one and a children book I promised my daughter I would write. (My onion hating daughter begged me to write one)

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