Friday, April 30, 2010

The horror of spelling and grammar

The horror of spelling and grammar, well in any case my spelling and grammar is a horror to be seen. I've to edit and edit before anything I write become less of a sore to the eyes. That's how I see it, though my wife would say I am over critical. (It's her Love talking.)

Though she has to admit I am partially right, being that she is my proofreader, she must have suffered a lot from my writing. For example she still taunts me with my overuse of the word "Towards" in my first finished manuscript.

Horror defined by a dictionary: An overwhelming and painful feeling caused by something frightfully shocking, terrifying, or revolting; a shuddering fear: to shrink back from a mutilated corpse in horror.

Well I have to admit the more I write the better my spelling and grammar is becoming. Sometimes I can write a whole sentence without one misspelling or bad grammar. Copying over the work of better writers has payed of. My grammar is not an overwhelming and painful anymore, just painful.

Spelling and grammar for me is a daunting task, sometimes I shudder in fear with the thought of writing. My wife sometimes....actually all the times says I over dramatize. But hey, I am the one reading what I wrote first and I am first to edit my work, I suffer, I really do. Despite all that when I happen to edit my work to a higher level, I feel extremely satisfied.

I believe for many it is something we have to learn and surpass, not letting ourselves be overwhelmed by the task ahead. Despite our shortcomings we need to go forth and only by doing so will we surpass said shortcomings.

I may think my spelling and grammar may be horrible, but I also know yesterday it was worse. Progress be it step by step is what makes me go on writing. One day I hope to have surpassed my shortcomings and that day will be closer the day I publish my novel.

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