Sunday, May 23, 2010


It's late night and after drinking a few glasses of cream sherry and watching the movie Kick-Ass, which was awesome, I thought about my progress so far. It's been a while I've posted anything significant about how I am doing writing wise concerning my projects.

These last few weeks had been slow, I indeed wrote just not on my WIP, I was busy posting on websites and sending many e-mails to my lovely wife. (Hey a man gets lonely when at work) I tend to send her one of those long e-mails, you know those 500 words ones, about daily stuff but it always ends up with me telling her about writing, boring her to dead with my passion. She is a great wife putting up with my craziness, I love her very much. (It's not just the alcohol talking, I really do.) Bottom line is my progress on my book had slowed down.

Monday I thought about maybe if I put a deadline for the first draft to be finished, that I would work harder. To make it sweeter for myself and entice myself to sit my butt on my chair and write my story instead of many other things, I made the promise that I would only game (another passion of mine) after at least having written one thousand words of story that day.

Well it worked, I started to write more regularly since then and what amazed me is that I managed to churn out more words a day than before.

This week I manged:

Monday 1645 words
Tuesday 1523 words
Wednesday 1211 words
Thursday 777 words
Friday 1242 words
Saturday 270 words
Sunday 1094 words

Total 7762

It could have been better if I had worked harder on Thursday and Saturday, still I am proud having written everyday and averaged more than a thousand words a day. I could improve on this and hope to do so soon.

I've also changed my way of writing. First I was a pure chronological writer, I wrote chapters in the way they would go. This time I jumped chapters and wrote them out of order. I noticed this helps when you are at a part that slows you down for whatever reason, by going forward in the story you may come up with the idea to connect the part you had difficulty with to where you jumped. Also jumping ahead you change pace,this can be exciting and eventually that will show in the writing.

This week I worked hard, made the effort and it was very rewarding. This coming week I'll try the same, if I keep writing like this I will succeed finishing the first draft before my deadline, 17 July.

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