Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Writing, life, and time

I can't believe this will be my first post in 2013, four months too late. I've been so busy writing and with my day job that I had little time for anything else, including family. It's strange how life can suddenly change for someone and make everything go so fast that you won't realize it has changed. It can be a small thing that sets this in motion. I think for me it was a change in my job situation. I got an assignment somewhere else, and am consumed with work for about twelve hours a day. Working and traveling to work and in doing so walking about 3-4 miles daily.

Besides all that, I've been writing. In February I finished the first draft of Dead Shelter, the sequel to Dead Quarantine. And am now at my third draft. I have till the third week of May to revise it, after that I have to send it to my editor. I already made the book cover, so I hope to publish it soon after it comes back edited.

Cover I made for Dead Shelter:

I'm also rewriting a story I wrote five years ago. I'm about a third done and hope to have it finished this month. I really should work harder and spend more time writing, but with my day job taking so much time and energy it became harder for me to combine my time and energy to do other stuff.

How time consumes life. Or is it the other way around and is it life that consumes time? I can remember yesterday to be December 31th and now we are in April. I'm almost thirty five now, nearing the age I should buy a sports car and get a tall young twenty some blond as my new wife. I won't do that offcourse, I love my current wife too much to replace her, though a sport scar would be nice. Then again those cost way too much for me to be able to buy with my pay-scale.

How I wish I could stop time so I could do much more with the time I still have. Though the more you do, the quicker it goes by, and before you know it you are out of time and at the end of your life. One should always be watchful that we at least enjoy some of the time we have. Work is nice, but life only working, can be a waste of life. For do we live to work or work to live? Though for now my life is all about work and little play and may stay so till the end of this year.

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