Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 21st, The Mayas, The day I almost touched Wool.

This week I've been (lightly) promoting a free book of mine. First just to get the story out and known to the readers (love you guys) out there, but then when the story placed 90+ in the Short Story ranking on Amazon and I saw Whool ranked second in that category, I got the urge (obsession maybe?) to reach that spot before the alleged end of the world which the Maya supposedly predicted.

I just assume since the Spanish in the far past killed most Mayas and with them all the Maya calendar makers. So now with no way the Mayas can make a new calendar, people are freaking out because they think it signifies the end of the world. Jeez, some Chinese guy even made an arc to survive a flood that he thinks will cover the earth. He burned all his savings on it and I doubt the thing will even float.

Just in the tiny chance that I'm wrong and we all go out with a big bang within a few hours, I wanted to post this picture.

Escape (Gone World) is almost touching Wool... my greedy fingers are stretching out to reach it, who knows I will today, who knows I indeed will. However whatever happens, no Maya apocalypse can grab this away. ;) I am nr. 4 in the short story ranking on Amazon. And you know what? I'm probably the only one who cares. :D And I'm fine with that. It's just a silly thing of me that I tried to do and with some luck actually almost did and maybe still will do. I thank whomever showed interest in my story and I hope they enjoy reading it before the Maya Calendar/Prophecy thing drags us all down or up to wherever.

You can get Escape (Gone World) here if you want to help me reach my silly goal and push my story to new highs, or if you want to safe Wool from me, keeping it away from my reach, you can get Wool here.

Update: World didn't end. :D Didn't expect it would. Oh, and I didn't get to touch Wool :( A step too far for me to touch such greatness, maybe in a year or two I will be able to when I'm a more experienced writer. I've only been writing for four years now, still just a beginner.

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