Sunday, September 30, 2012

Zombie Slave

It's available today October 1th at for $0.99, however if you're one of my loyal readers you will be reading this post in time to get it for free till October 3rd 2012.


It's 1869 and slavery in the United States has been abolished, but still the freed slaves are not free. They live with the aftermath of the Civil War daily. However, whips and shackles are not the only ways of slavery; there is another way, a mystical way, the zombie way, and this one doesn't know the barriers of color.

Clark Hamilton, a former slave owner, will find this out. Old age made him senile, and living in the past, he does a horrible thing — a thing that will end his life and possibly ruin the life of Eve, a freed slave girl.

A fight for survival ensues in which nothing is what it seems, but the danger is real.

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