Friday, September 7, 2012

Soul Eviction

Soul Eviction, a ghost/demon short story. A year ago I finished the first draft and after a few revisions it stayed inside my digital shelf collecting digital dust. The story can be disturbing to some, though it's a story I honestly feel is a good one and I should publish it. So I had it edited twice to make sure it's the best quality I can provide and now it's finally available.


Roland couldn’t get the days off to go together with his wife and two kids on vacation, so they’ll be going without him. He’s looking forward to spending his time alone at home, with no noisy children running around or a wife with a long list of chores for him.

However, being alone in his house turns out to be different than he expected. Something is stalking him in his house, thoroughly creeping him out. But Ron’s a stubborn man and doesn’t want to share the house.

With each passing day, his situation grows more horrible and gruesome. Hoping to reclaim his house, he seeks out advice on how to get rid of whatever is haunting him. Will he find something that will set his house free of the entity before it kills him and his soon-to-return family?

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