Friday, September 7, 2012

Soul Eviction - Free ebook ranking on Amazon

Free books on Amazon do have rankings, it gives an indication how many you gave away compared to others giving away their books. It helps to distinguish how well a book is doing. And it's fun to follow.

So far Soul Eviction is doing alright. I gave away more than a hundred in the USA and this is okay for a shorter story. The rankings at this moment in the short story category is:

Numero Uno in Germany (They must have gotten a whiff of my German ancestry)

 #8 in UK

#18 in the USA

I'm just glad 5 people in Germany got my e-book and made me numero uno in the (english) short story category. I usually only get one or two downloads from Germany. To get number 1 in the US you need a few hundreds giveaways in one day.

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