Monday, October 3, 2011

Walk the devil dog

I walk my dog (well more my wives dog) every evening at sunset. He can be a real sweet dog, attentive, nice, and in my wives words; cute. Not when I go walk him, he becomes a little compulsive obsessed adrenaline filled dog, that doesn't understand that when leashed he can't go beyond the line. If you are not careful he will carry you to every bush and tree to pee at it, even if he is out of urine to pee. He pees air, this dog raises his leg and pee air. He'll stand like that wasting ten second of my time peeing air. What kind of dog pees air? He clearly does.

I go to a spot in the forest where he feels very comfortable and calms down. He'll be the sweet playful not pee obsessed dog he normally is. I let him loose and he'll be running between the trees and through the grass like all happy dogs would. When he's tired and ready to go home he'll come speeding back and stand still till I leash him. He'll be nice till we leave the forest. I've to admit that after running around he's too tired for mischief, so he's better behave on the return trip. (No air peeing)

It's my walk with him that made me come up with the idea for the short story "Don't believe what they say". The farmhouse on the cover is the one I pass everyday while walking the dog. I put the farmhouse in the story, and I believe it to be haunted. I would sure never dare go in when it's dark. Creepy place. The forest also tends to get creepy late at night. Still I walk the dog at sunsets. Being creeped out helps me get in the creative vibe to write the stories I write.

I recently made a picture of my dog and shared it on twitter. It's a great photo, it shows his demeanor while being walked outside. Look for yourself and be the judge of it:

Okay I may have enhanced the photo a little, I've added a little more luminous green to his eyes.

He's one mischievous dog, despite that I still love him, he can be a handful but I would not want him any other way. He keeps me fit while walking him, it's really physically intensive. You want to loose a couple of pounds you are always welcome to walk my dog free of charge.

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  1. 4th of october is World Animal Day and he calls his dog a devil dog.