Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vacation Time

Finally my family succeeded in convincing me to go on a vacation. I'll be in Portugal for a few days.

Being in another area is the ideal moment for creativity to flourish, with everything new around I expect it to go naturally. I'll take advantage of this fact (well maybe it only applies to me) and will write a short story, and maybe if time allows, a chapter or two of a new novel I'm writing.

On my return I'll have an announcement to make.


  1. An announcement to make?! I'm intrigued!!! Is it big or huge?

  2. The announcement(new blogpost) is the challenge to complete 20 stories in a year time. It's big to me. (Okay huge) ;)It will be a lot of work because I'll try to complete it with limited time available to me and with two novels I still plan to finish, one this year and the other soon after. (I don't like to make my life easy.) :D