Sunday, October 11, 2015

Book release: Forever Blood

Cain, a hunter in exile, an evolved human, notorious for his rigid disdain for anything monster related, seeks out his brother. The trail leads him to an apartment.

Problem is; the apartment is a vampire's lair.

Nina, a 150 year old vampire, dooms Cain’s brother. Cain vows to give her the true death. He goes on a rampage searching for her, fighting vampires and humans alike, and allying himself with doubtful companions.

All the while something more sinister goes on, something that threatens his chance ever getting his revenge, something that may cascade our world in more turmoil.

Chaos ensues, bodies begin to pile up around Cain, he will do whatever to get his revenge, anything else be damned

Read Forever Blood to find out if he will manage his revenge and prevent worse to happen

Available at Amazon ($3.99)

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Book release: DEAD END book 3 in the zombieclypse series

The walking dead now rule the world, leaving the few survivors facing extinction in what remains. One group of survivors settles in the mountains, one roams the countryside for shelter, and another lives safely behind high walls in a haven.

The zombies are not humanities only enemy, because humanity, as it has always been, is its own worst enemy.

The three groups of survivors will meet in a clash in which only one thing is certain—the dead will gain numbers while the living dwindle.

This struggle will settle Ralph and Sarah’s fate.

Available at: