Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Weird

A man making a deal with the devil to get his dead wife back. A ghostly co-worker haunting the office. Two spooked cops at a roadblock. A funeral like no other. A detective investigating a missing person report might go missing herself. One man pondering about life and death with his finger on the trigger. A man returning home after dropping his family at the airport finds his home haunted. Whips and shackles are not the only ways to enslave; there is another way, a mystical way, the zombie way.

These are peculiar and scary stories in THE WEIRD, a collection of seven dark and strange tales.

Table of contents:

Red Impish Demon
Ghost Worker
Zombie Scare
Death’s Given Chance
What to Live For
Soul Eviction
Zombie Slave

Available at ($2.99):

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Newest book cover I made

Book cover for The Weird, a short story collection of the weirdest short tales I written. Disturbing, strange, and somewhat gruesome tale. Got one with a little macabre humor in it. Non intended humor. I do not write humor. I write horror, however sometimes what I write is humorous. Can't help it. We all got humor. Even in the bleakest of life we got humor, disturbing it might be.

The new book cover.