Sunday, October 20, 2013

Renewed book cover Gone World: Revenge

 UPDATE: I decided to use one cover for the whole series and it's not this one, I'll use it for something else. The new cover for the gone series will be this one:

Been at it for a while, though not a long while. I only touched up the previous cover and put up new fonts. The title is now more readable.

Old Cover:

New Cover:

I learned a lot about cover design these last few weeks. It is more difficult to make a great cover than it seems. You can quickly put one up, but that is no guarantee it will be good. It's easier to make book covers from templates, but you must make sure the template is great else all will inherit its design flaws.

I still need to do a little bit of fine tuning before I get these covers out in the wild.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Update: Book Cover

I just finished another book cover for my Gone World series. It took me a week to get it together. I had to use a model this time, for I had trouble finding a good picture of a woman with her back turned.

This is the old one:

It isn't my best made cover. You can't read the title nor the author name, a rookie mistake, a mistake I'm correcting now.

New one:

The title and author name are readable. At the horizon some ominous bright light is visible and a young wounded woman stumbles toward it. I think it's better than the previous one.

I'm now working on the third book cover. I'll post it soon, most likely tomorrow.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Possible new cover for my Gone World series.

UPDATE: I decided to use one cover for the whole series and it's not this one, I'll use it for something else. The new cover for the gone series will be this one:

This weekend I played a little with Gimp and Inkscape. I made a new cover for my Gone World series. The old one I think wasn't bad, but it obviously wasn't good enough to generate enough sales.

I made this one this weekend. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to use this one or make another one. Tell me what you think.

Did some retouching:

Saturday, October 5, 2013

At Arms: A vampire short story collection

Out right now!

Five tales of a high-born family and their retainers struggling against the curse of vampirism.

The Dark Wanderer - Two knights escort a young woman through a forest infested with wild beasts.

Though wild beasts will be the least of their worries.

Damnation - Lady Christine D'Ang goes against her father wishes and leaves the castle in search of a young man she fallen smitten for.

Accosted by a knight she flees and by chance meets an eccentric stranger.

Outcast - Lady Lyna D'Ang lives a sheltered and privileged life at castle Perring along with her siblings. This quickly ends when darkness descends upon the castle.

Ambos Thorne - Ambos Thorne, a renowned warrior, is faced with superstitious beliefs and orders that make little sense to him. He arrives at a cross road where he has to make a choice.

James Farmer - Tired and desperate, James, a farmhand, is chasing a heavily armed group transporting a woman.

Bonus Story: Death's Given Chance - A man on his way to a funeral battles with his own dark
thoughts about life being worth living.

A chance meeting will change his life forever.

A collection of short stories of 31000 words or approx. 124 print pages altogether, set in the Man-at-Arms and Maiden-at-Arms universe.

Available at:
Barnes & Noble

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