Monday, June 20, 2011

What does bad handwriting have to do with writing?

What does bad handwriting have to do with writing? One would think nothing, but is that really so? In my case, my handwriting had a major influence on my writing. I can write fast, and it's easier for me to write longhand than to type sitting in front of a screen and keyboard, because pen and paper you can use anywhere.

I wrote a great part of my second book in the Finitum series by hand. I assumed (assuming in itself is bad) that I would easily type over, a thousand words an hour, and be done within two weeks. My mistake was not taking in consideration that the faster I write the smaller my handwriting becomes, and that it will be horrendously unreadable. Instead of typing over at the speed of thousand words an hour, I manage at max a four hundred. It will take months instead of mere weeks to have it typed over. So in no possible way I could have finished end May 2011 as I had planned, and neither at the end of June. I may be finished by the earliest at the end of July, but most likely near the end of August. I know now I should never again write stuff down on paper. It's too time consuming to do so.

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