Saturday, May 14, 2011

The making of the Trailer

My brother came to me with the idea that I should make a book trailer. Me being me, I dismissed the idea immediately. If I ever were to make a book trailer, I wanted it to be cutting edge, clean, terrific, to the perfection. I didn't think myself adept enough to be able to make such a book trailer.

I have never made a trailer before. Actually the manipulation of video and sound is forlorn to me. I told my brother I would first need to learn how to make one. I assumed it would cost me a great deal of time to learn, and time not being on my side, I put that idea behind the line of things I would one day do.

For some unknown reason, yesterday, my mind got stubborn. The idea etched in my mind, that I would make a book trailer. No matter how messed up it would turn out, I would just do it. To hell with my compulsion to have to be good before doing anything.

Yesterday I thought, planned, and sought information about making trailers. Today I downloaded Windows Live Movie Maker. Installed it. (The usual, click, click, clickedy click.) Ran the program and just started making stuff. On and off in between doing dishes, walking my dog (he ate horse dung), and taking my son to his swimming lessons, I made a book trailer. It took me about four hours. If I didn't have to search for an appropriate music score and one that is copyright free as well, I would have finished much earlier.

The lesson from this experience is, that we ourselves tend to keep us back. It's the uncertainty we feel in our own capabilities, the fear to fail, the fear what people might think of us if we fail, that keeps us back from doing anything. We shouldn't be afraid to do stuff. Just do it, and you'll learn, even if you fail, sometimes especially because you failed.

My stubbornness (and part compulsive behavior ;) ) made me make this:

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