Saturday, August 30, 2014

Setting some priorities

That's right! I'm setting some priorities to my self and my writing. Lately I've been writing many different stories, all very interesting and nice, but I realized while I'm frolicking around with the new stories, I'm neglecting the series I've already written.

I got my zombieclypse series to finish. My F.C.F. series that's waiting for two years now for it's next installment. And my finitum series that need book three written. It doesn't make sense to write more new series while the old ones are not done yet. It's also unfair to my readers who are waiting for the next book. This is why I decided to ground all my new projects and only focus on the series I need to finish.

I hope to have the third and final book in the Zombieclypse series out by the end of the year.(I'm half way done.) And I'm currently writing vol.2 in the F.C.F. series. I have the third book in the Finitum series planned for the first half of next year.

At this moment the sixth installment of Gone World is at my editor and I hope she'll be done with it soon. It's actually the only series I've been regularly working on. However with the sixth installment the series is not yet finished. I plan to have the first volume of the the second season out by the end of the year. I'll delve deeper into the mystery army and steer the story closer to its conclusion.

I want to have a more regular production output so I can release my stories in a more timely manner and in doing so serve better my readers. If I have to curb my desire to try new and exciting stories to be able to do this then I will.

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