Friday, October 26, 2012

Print Books

From the start I also wanted to POD publish my stories, but I just didn't do so until now. I held my self back thinking it was a hard thing to learn to do and would require a lot of time to learn how to do so. Formatting the book in word turned out to be easy till I came to numbering the pages and I ended up braking my head for weeks before I gave up without being able to get it how I wanted it. I finally started from scratch using openoffice instead and I had a print book ready to publish within hours.

For the bookcover I just had to learn the right dimensions taking into account the thickness of the print book, from there on it was easy. Only rested me to upload my files, proof them, and publish them.

I published two novelettes on Createspace; F.C.F. That Within (Sci-Fi) and Soul Eviction (Horror). Both are about 70 pages. I'm selling them for $4.99 while the e-book goes for $2.99. These two so far are my best written work and they are thoroughly edited by someone way better than me in grammar.

It's a complete different feeling having a physical book in my hands compared to having an e-book, in a way it feels more real. It may be that I'm an oldskool reader and that that is why I feel this way about physical books. I can't help it, holding a book in my hand, sniffing the smell of paper, I just love it. Hey, maybe I'm a freak like that, but can you really blame me. I do love my kindle for the ease it brings in carrying many books without the added weight and space, but if you sniff the kindle it only smells like electronics and holding it is just like any other electronic device like a smartphone or pad.

I made some pictures:

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