Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 A new year, new beginnings.

A belated Happy 2012. :D

I've been so busy that the passing of the year been a blur to me. I almost slept into the New Year, if not for my wife waking me up at 2357 hours. It was a blur, a blur, of our dog howling and barking, us drinking non alcoholic champagne and eating snacks. It was fun (not so for the dog), but within the hour I was sleeping again.

The days before I've been writing like crazy, I did 8000 words in two days, finishing a short story. Since then I've been revising the story to polish it to a shine of perfection.(okay near perfection)

I wrote my very first thriller in a post apocalyptic setting. No monsters in the story or anything supernatural, just war and the monstrosity of humanity. It was fun writing, nearing the obsessiveness. I guess the story grabbed me and took over. I hope to publish it soon, and when I do a seven day valid coupon will be available to get it for free at Smashwords.

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