Sunday, January 16, 2011

Long time passed since last post.

Like the title says, it's been a while since my last post. The reason: I've been busy revising, actually I'm still busy revising. I'm writing this, between a revising session. I think it's funny that I'm writing on my break from writing related stuff. Last message I posted was about finding the fun in revising and I've not found it yet. I just like it a little bit better now.

Revising is a lot of work and I think it's much more, for a beginner like me. I'm now at the place where I try to make every sentence error free and publishable. Its a slow progress, for example it takes me about an hour to finish one page. (Or it could be that I'm just slow.)

I hoped to be ready by 25 December 2010, but obviously I didn't manage that. I shoved my own made deadline forward to the 31 of January 2011. This is a special date, being it's the third year anniversary being married to my lovely wife. Too bad I won't be getting that deadline either, also I won't be setting another deadline. I just hope to be finished in a few months.

What I did finish, is the book's cover and it looks great, it really does, I've seen it myself, actually I made it myself. Also I've finally finished thinking about which author name I will use, I've chosen my own name, I'll plan to make a separate post about this announced (The how and why) in the near future. The book cover I'll reveal closer to the releasing day.

It's because I plan to self publish that I'm really taking my time in correcting all the mistakes in my book, if I had the money, I would pay someone to edit, it would be a time safer. Now I can only say; it's done when it's done.

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