Saturday, March 13, 2010

Work in progress

This week had been a slow one for me. I have not been writing regularly, because of some personal issues .

Last Saturday I left my work in progress (Book 2) at 16136 word count. I intended to write 7k more this week, however I did not make my target. Today my count stands at 19262 words, 3126 words written. I am almost 4k behind my planned schedule. Will I still catch up before this week? I don't think so. For next week I will set my target again at 7k words and this time I'll try my best to complete it.

I want to get some discipline in my writing. The more and often I write, the better I will become. Also I will have to practice more and seek avenues in improving my grammar. I plan to buy these books "Chicago Manual of Style" , "English Grammar for ESL Learners" , "Practical English Usage" and "A Practical English Grammar". I'll use them to hone my skill to that of sculptor of words.

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